"short" mentiParti: Sunday July 7th (evening) to Friday July 12th (morning)
"long" mentiParti: Sunday July 7th (evening) to Tuesday July 16th (noon)

Active participants: "short": CHF 400. "long": CHF 650.
Observer fee: CHF 20. per day (doesn't apply to parents of active participant children)

Tobias Cramm, Ewald Demeyere, Lydia Carlisi, Peter van Tour

Tobias Cramm,, Tel +41 (77) 425 70 49

Freie Musikschule Basel, Gellertstrasse 33, CH-4052 Basel (

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The week's program will include a mix of interactive group lessons, workshops, open sharing sessions, and one-on-one training and coaching. A full detailed plan for the week will be published soon and will also include:

  • Opening and closing concerts
  • Daily open sharing, learning and demonstrations by participants
  • Evening concerts for participants to perform musical pieces they have created or from their own repertoire
  • Optional tours of Square Pianos, Organ Demonstration and field trips. Note, there may be some additional costs for admission and transport.

The week will also have plenty of opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and make new friends. A couple of group dinners will be organized.

Lydia Carlisi:

  • Beginners workshop:

In this workshop you can learn basic techniques to compose your own piece on a partimento.

We will go through the basics of harmony, counterpoint and composition and you will learn how to write down your partimento realizations and use this as a starting point to compose your own music. Max 6-7 participants per workshop.

  • Individual lessons:

We will compose on partimenti on a one-to-one basis. Lessons will be customized on the level of the participants. It is a good opportunity for advanced students to enhance their techniques and develop new compositional tools. Beginners and intermediate students will get the chance to practice with the basics and learn new compositional skills.

Peter van Tour:

Keyboard-based partimento and counterpoint training in small groups of 3 players on individual pianos. Teaching by ear. Open to listeners who might be invited to act as singers in the background.  Exemplifications through partimento/counterpoint manuscripts.

Tobias Cramm:

Practical approaches at the keyboard to partimenti of varous "maestri", branching into models of improvisation and instant-composing. Individual and group lessons, complemented by open sharing sessions.

For those who will need access to a piano for practice, there will be opportunity to use the pianos at the school at no cost.  There will be a schedule for piano rooms available on site which can be reserved in advance.

Staying in Basel:

See the website
for some good tips.

Nearby hotels (15-25 min walk from school):

Note that anyone staying in a hotel in Basel gets a free pass on all public transport within the city.