mentiParti 2019   July 7th to 16th is the second edition of a summer academy designed for exploring improvisation and composition based on the understanding and inspiration from Neapolitan „partimenti“ and „solfeggi“. It seeks to bring together the joy of individuals for creating music with the potential of group-based activities and learning from experts in the field.

The venue of the Freie Musikschule Basel – located in a beautiful historical villa in a park from the 19th century in the middle of Basel/Switzerland – provides a rich variety of opportunities to work on an individual level with teachers, to share experiences and musical ideas with peers as well as to present and listen to concerts with participants, lecturers, and guest musicians. mentiParti 2019 deliberately addresses all ages, newcomers and growing practitioners, young learners and professionals, school teachers and academics in an atmosphere of open learning, listening, and shared inspiration.

Teachers, musicians, and guest speakers include Tobias Cramm, Lydia Carlisi, Peter Van Tour, and Ewald Demeyere. Come and join us for the "short" (July 7th-12th) or "long" mentiParti (July 7th-16th).

mentiParti 2019  ...